Kirlian Camera - Night Glory

This is my first time experiencing music by Kirlian Camera. This group has been around since 1980 and have a long list of accomplishments and album releases. The one I am reviewing is Night Glory. The first track is I'm Not Sorry, a captivating beginning, a compelling story is unfolding and keeps me interested. Elena Alice Fossi has some amazing vocals I am really enjoying them. Night Glory, dark keyboard elements start this track of, this leads into a vibrant composition that is sure to have people singing at live performances. Save me Lord (From Killing Them All) absolutely my favorite track on this album, there is so much to adore about this song, first the acoustic guitar is pristine and provides a landscape of emotion for the lyrics, such a beautiful story and with some vocal layers to move your mind and spirit, this song will be paying on my stereo for many years to come. "Winged Child Sitting On A Bench Watching Obscure Clouds Getting Close While People Seek For Shelter" this has got to be one of the longest titles for a song I have ever seen, but that's what makes it good, the music is dark and electrifying, the content engages the listener to explore the lyrics and find the deeper meaning. "I Kill Judas" this song has a Pink Floyd influence to it, but sustains its own signature, there are some deep keys hypnotizing my mind as I listen. Immortal is much more fast paced track with intense vocals to tell you a fascinating tale. "I Gave You Wings, I Gave You Death", is the last song on this album, its been a tremendous journey of musical delight. I enjoy this album very much and I highly recommend for fans of Anathema, Pink Floyd or Sirenia.
~Frank G.
Physical publication AEA zine #22 AEA zine 22 

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