Colosso - Thallium

Colosso is a four piece band from Oporto, Portugal. Genre is described as experimental death metal. Band members are António Carvalho - Guitar, André Lourenço - Bass, Marcelo Aires - Drums, Max Tomé - Vocals/Guitar. Thallium is the groups second album self released in October of 2013.

Opening track is Quadrangular, it is an intense and powerful start. Next song is entitled "Prime", clean guitar with a slight effect creates a dramatic and dark atmosphere. "Orthogonal Path", one of the bands that come to my mind as I listen is Meshuggah. There are slight hints of their influence on this particular song. "Ecosystem", heavy and devastating riffs. Finally the vocals come in and are in deep growl menacing style which I enjoy very much. "Ecitnerppa  Sseltnecs", this is my favorite song, it just makes you want to smash things and head-bang uncontrollably. The tuning of the string instruments is in a low deep punishing level. Think of Strapping Young Lad and Gojira having a baby and it would be Colosso. Into Infinity, the title says it all. Melancholy dissonant strumming with hints of ambient sounds spread through out. "Minus Infinity', is the last song. Heavy, abrasive, and a perfect way to lead us out from the destructive harmonies contain through this entire album.

In conclusion, if you enjoy low tuned face smashing riffs with creative bass passages and heavy vocals styles than you will want to purchase this album. Fans of Meshuggah, Gojira, and Strapping Young Lad I recommend to check out this album. Be sure to look for their previous release "Abrasive Peace" available through their official site.   


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