Eyes Wide Open - Aftermath

Eyes Wide Open is a five piece band from Karlstad, Sweden. Members are Patrik Fahlin - Vocals, Kristofer Strandberg - Guitar, Erik Engstrand - Guitar, Jesper Lindgren - Bass, Karl Adamsson - Drums. Genre - metal.

"Aftermath" released back in 2011 features eleven tracks. Wings of Redemption is the opening track. A solid clean production, catchy and creative riffs perk my ears. Avalanche is song two, vocals are brutal yet easy to understand the lyrical content, similar to early In Flames but with much more edge. Track three is Foxdie, interesting title. Exhibiting many traits of the modern metal sounds but retaining their own mark. Guitars have a progressive feel but are not over the top, leaving room for the rhythm sections to shine. The song "Red" reveals a melodic aspect to their style. This is a song that sticks in your mind and has many harmonies. No More Stars, aggressive, mosh inducing anthem. The chorus is memorable. This is one of those tracks you will spin several times. Sink or Swim, one of the things the grabs my attention in this particular track is the solid bass sound, very detailed and punchy, actually through the entire recording it is dominant but not to overpowering, creating a level ground for the rest of the instruments. The closing track is "Aftermath", leading with a clean guitar riff and melody that will remain in my head for a time to come. A great way to close this adventure and also leave the listener wanting more.

In conclusion, from heavy to melodic, each song has its own distinction. Consider this is their first album, it makes a huge impact and sets the bar high. Fans of early Fear Factory, early In Flames, At The Gates and Amon Amarth will want to check this out. Be sure to look for their debut EP; Revelations on their band site.




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