Mahogany Head Grenade - Return To The Point of Departure

Mahogany Head Grenade is an instrumental band from Dallas, Texas. Consisting of members Dan Hyer - Guitar, Mike Pritchett - Drums, James Falcon - Bass. Return To The Point of Departure is a self released album on May 2013. Genre described as instrumental rock. 

Opening track is Return To The Point of Departure, a sample intro leads the way. My first thoughts are "progessive and engaging". Song two is Trouble For Trouble, solid rhythms and creative guitar solos. Vinedresser, sci-fi style intro and interesting title, taking notice of the bass lines that are very creative and making well complimented lines the are catchy and memorable. Elude War Machine is track four, much more aggressive than the previous songs. Drums are a highlight in this composition. Interesting dynamic fills and rolls, production quality is great as I can hear every hit on the drum kit. Closing track is Venitian Bricks, progressive, bluesy and hard rock oriented. Considering the entire album is instrumental it keeps the listener captivated from moment to moment.

In conclusion, fans of Joe Satriani, Steve Via, and Buckethead will enjoy this. A well produce and thought adventure with solid bass and creative guitar passages.




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