Everdying - The Journey Ahead EP

The Journey Ahead EP, self released on March 14 2014. Everdying is Johnny Dove, a one man melodic death metal project from the Mid-west area, Downers Grove, Illinois.

In doing reviews for AEA zine, I have been exposed to a handful one man projects from BM/DM/ Industrial, Doom and Ambient genres. Having done solo material myself, I can say that it is not an easy endeavor. It takes much dedication and hard work to get a final product accomplished. 

The Ep begins with "Quondam Echoes", open chords with a mood setting melody into heavier DM style verse. Vocals have a good range from deep guttural to BM high. The song breaks down into a bass line with a catchy harmony that reminds me of early Paradise Lost. Arizona Rain, this song is very enjoyable to me, clean acoustic guitar, mellow yet somehow uplifting at the same time, would say it is may favorite from this Ep. Next up is "I Will End You", in contrast to the previous composition, this song blast in with some grinding drum work while the vocals do a gore-grind style, a good blend between nineties dm riffs and slamming chops. "Lunar Aura", reminds me of the early At The Gates albums at the start, the song transcends into a clean part with a progressive feeling for a short time then jumps back to the aggressive style. "The Journey Ahead", title track, this has a BM orientation and the vocals reflect the passages, well executed. The final song is an In Flames cover "Worlds Within The Margin", vocals and string instruments definitely complimented the original, the drums were a bit mechanical on some parts but overall, I enjoyed it.

In conclusion, each song has a distinct feeling and the production quality is solid and well balanced. The variety of genres blend together well and keeps each composition interesting from moment to moment.




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