Dark Forest - The Awakening

Dark Forest is a five piece Heavy Metal band from England. The Awakening is their third full length album to be released on March 11 2014 through Cruz Del Sur Music. Members include Josh Winnard - Vocals, Christian Horton - Guitar, Pat Jenkins - Guitar, Paul Thompson - Bass, Adam Sidaway - Drums

The album starts with the title track "The Awakening", strong and attention grabbing riffs. A solid production is evident immediately. Sacred Signs is song two. Rooted in metal with creative passages. At times it does remind me of early Dream Theater albums like Images and Words or Awake. Pendas Fen, interesting drum dynamics on this particular track. Well thought out patterns make it pleasurable to my ears. Turning of The Tides, much faster and heavier than the previous songs, along with a predominant bass line to give it a certain punch that keep the melodies in your head. Rise Like Lions, reminds me of earlier metal styles like Accept or UFO which I enjoy. There is also a fast and creative solo the breaks through to make this track memorable. Immortal Remains, is probably one of my favorites from this album. Seems like all the elements come together in each passage and verses/chorus lines have much feeling and energy. Sons of England is the closing song. Epic and captivating. A perfect way to seal this adventure. I imaging this song being an audience mover in a live situation.

In conclusion, a very solid performance. Catchy riffs, memorable verses. This new release is one that fans will want to add to their collection. Be sure to also explore their previous albums which include, Dark Forest and Dawn of Infinity.




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