Morbid Flesh - Embedded In The Ossuary

Morbid Flesh hails from Spain, established in 2007, consisting of members  Vali (vocals), Jose and Marc (guitars), Makeda (bass, also in INSULTERS) and Gusi (drums, also in GRAVEYARD and INSULTERS). Embedded In The Ossuary Ep will be released through Unholy Prophecies on April 15 2014. 

Intro "Entrance To The Ossuary", heavy destructive and epic. Like walking in a dark path to certain death. Charnel House, resurrecting the true DM spirits of the early nineties like Grave, Entombed, Sinister and Death. The song will get your blood pumping. Under Ragged Hoods, finally a song to have the mosh pit slamming in pure gut stomping frenzy. Brutality at its best. "Rising of Shadows", heavy drum rolls and devastating double kick work. "From Beyond The Bounds", thinking early Suffocation or Brutal truth, will say this is my favorite track on this Ep. The closing track is "Summoning The Sorcery Of Death", like bestial hordes rising from the perpetual abyss. A great way to send us of. My only compliant is that it was short. if your looking for some true DM look no further. Morbid Flesh has captured the essence of the pure DM style on this Ep.

Listen to the full Ep streaming exclusively at nocleansinging.premiere-morbid-flesh


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