Hannes Grossmann - The Radical Covenant

Hannes Grossmann The Radical Covenant album, self released on February 3 2014. Track listing:
1. Aeon Illuminate - 08:20
2. Alien Utopia - 04:33
3. The Sorcerer - 07:43
4. Solar Fire Cells - 04:08
5. The Voyager - 05:46
6. Radial Covenant I. + II. - 10:49
7. Euclidean Elements (Piano Version) - 03:41
To purchase the album visit hannesgrossmann.com

Hannes is known for his drumming in the following bands; Obscura, Blotted Science, and Necrophagist.

Check out the album cover plus YT video of Aeon Illuminate and SC sample of the album below.



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