Ofghost - The Awakening

Ofghost is a one piece band, members are Sami. Music style is listed as, DarkPrimitiveHybridMetalRockShit. Band location, Jyväskylä

The Awakening album self released on March 7 2016. As the month of March reaches its end, my ears get one final full assault. This promo landed in my inbox and it crushes. Upon listening to this manifestation, it begins unassuming, with a nice melody and then it erupts without warning. Intense and relentless are the first things that pop into my mind. In totality they offer us seven songs of raw, gritty and dark tones. The lyrics are not in English, so, I am making this review based solely on the music that is being presented. One of the tracks that stands out above the rest would be the song "LUONA POLTTAVAN JÄÄN", it begins with a chant and it slowly builds up into a feeling of rage and anger as if preparing for war. The music easily crosses the line between black and death metal with short melodic passages and aggressive vocals. 

In conclusion, the level of intensity remains high through out this album. Brutal blast beats and grinds are exhibited and are executed in precise manner. Underground metal fans will be sure not to pass this up, you will not be dissapointed.



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