Cryptic Realms - The Rotten is Alive

Cryptic Realms is a four piece band, members are Kostas Analytis - Vocals. Uriel Aguillon on Guitars / Drums. Victor Varas - on Bass Guitar. Tersis Zonato - Drums, Guitar Solos, Acoustic guitars. Music style is listed as, metal. Band location, USA, Greece, Brazil and Mexico.

The Rotten is Alive EP released on Dark Recollections Prods label on 20th March 2016. The opening song to this release "Shattered Dreams", sounds very classical. A clean strumming guitar piece with a sorrowful melody that is also complex in structure. The next track "Begging to the dead", clearly rooted in old school d/m but powerful enough to punch you in the gut. The characteristics of the recording are reminiscent of the band Death, Spiritual Healing era. Like a tribute to those distant times, it does work really well for these musicians. Some of the stand out performances from this album, for me, will be "Shadows of Disgrace" and "Scattered Thoughts". 

In conclusion, if you enjoy old school death metal with a sharp edge, then be sure to check out this band. An energetic EP that will rip out your soul straight from your bones. 



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