Corprophemia - Abhorrogenesis

Corprophemia is a four piece band, members are Vocals - Matt Kelly. Guitar - Franky D'Alimonte. Guitar - Mat Lemmon. Drums - Jason Longo. Music style is listed as, Technical Death Metal. Band location, Windsor, Ontario, Canada.

Abhorrogenesis album released on CDN Records March 11, 2016. The heaviness coming from this release is over the top. Clever and potent samples on almost every track can be heard. The low tuned chords represented would make Meshuggah proud. 

Eleven songs of menacing brutality. Very good production. Crushing hooks and memorable passages. Some of the more outstanding performances from this album for me, would be "Hour Of The Witch", "Divine Creation" and "Supreme Dark Covenant". Some of the influence that may be noted would be bands like, Kranium, Pathology, Kataplexy and Devourment. While there is no new ground breaking material, the music sets a high level of energy and is most certainly engaging on all levels of the genre.

In conclusion, music that will have you picking up pieces of your skull. The samples and catchy verses are in par with traditional death metal but they explore low tune dissonance that is embedded with more of todays prominent brutal death bands. 



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