Magister Dixit - Opus Astral

Magister Dixit is a three piece band, members are W.Solstice, Strident S., Ekinox. Music style is listed as, Mystical Black metal. Band location, Laurentides.

Opus Astral album released on Scum Productions March 7, 2016. Pure darkness is unleashed. The roots of black metal are apparent. The music explores with different sounds giving it a sense of the astral ambiance they are projecting. The song "Hall of Pain", is malevolent in all its arrangements. It certainly has a way to bring chills down your spine and its cryptic melody becomes ingrained in you mind. Another track that is on a top level for me would be "Respirer la mort", the use of blast beats, slow keyboard and flute passages make it an interesting song to listen to and it certainly creates an atmosphere of cosmic journeys in distant lands. "Pulveryzator" is a reckoning force and should be played at a high volume. You will also hear a cover, "Elder God (kataklysm cover)", it is a good rendition of the song and it manifest in brutal form.    

In conclusion, if you like black metal with plenty of eerie melodies and cosmic sounds, then look no further and support Magister Dixit.



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