Great news, Skinned, Defeated Sanity and Incantation tour announcement

This is a tour you don't want to miss. Beginning in March and going thru April, this intense package will hit many locations in Europe. Below is the release by XENOCORP Records and while your there why not check out the video by Skinned "Wings Of Virulence". Also check out XENOCORP store and pick up some awesome merch.

Watch Wings Of Virulence by Skinned

A bit less than one year after the release of their fifth album, "Shadow Syndicate" and the subsequent headlining Balkans tour of last Summer, Colorado-based Death Metal veterans SKINNED will be back in Europe, supporting INCANTATION alongside Germany's tech. Death Metal brutalers DEFEATED SANITY.

The three weeks long tour, dubbed "Siege of the Profane Europe Tour", will see the three artists play 26 gigs in no less than ten countries (iAustria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Slovakia and Switzerland).

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Check out some live performances here
Carcass live - View it here
Nervosa live -  View it here
Immolation live - View it here

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