PLAGUE THROAT release first single off upcoming EP- 'Evolutionary Impasse'

Take a listen to this brand new track by Plague Throat, "The Epoch of Catastrophe II" From their upcoming EP Evolutionary Impasse due out February 20, 2019.

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The promo states:

Indian Death Metal duo- PLAGUE THROAT have released their first single off their upcoming EP- 'Evolutionary Impasse'. The track entitled- 'The Epoch of Catastrophe II' gives fans a glimpse of what the EP packs. Marked with chaotic blast beats, technical riffs often showing melodic passages and monstrous vocals pummeling it's way across. This EP promises to divulge into the path of strong Technicality yet showing heavy undertones of brutality unlike their previous releases.

The band's front man Nangsan comments, "This song strongly condemns and questions the misusing and misleading of the masses by utilising the easily accessible stupidity and incoherence of the majoritarian mindset which in turns leads to division among people".


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