Deimoon Exclusive interview

To my readers please give a warm welcome to Deimoon!!!

Hello and welcome to Metal Music Midwest, first off, thanks for taking the time to do the interview, could you give our readers a brief description of the group? 

Where is the band from?

Deimoon are two people – Chag and P.T. – playing music which could be described as kind of Doom & Gothic Metal with other influences. We are truly European band – Chag is located in East France, P.T. is Polish located in Germany.

2- The Nocturnes - First Act: The Hour of Wrath is the band's debut album, how long did it take to write?

Our first EP is 4 track long. I took us some 5 to 6 months to have them written. Recording and production took some time as well. We are in two different locations which makes it a bit difficult but we manage.

3- What musical influence inspires the bands compositions?

Our music is highly inspired by British Doom Metal of the 90s but not only. In our music we combine also different elements from electronics to Black Metal. 

4- The band started in 2020, can you tell us how did you all meet?

In fact, Deimoon would not exist without Paradise Lost. Around the release of their last album “Obsidian” we “met” in one of Paradise Lost FB groups. The first recordings we did were some covers of Paradise Lost songs – you can find some of them on YT. Chag suggested writing music together. I was rather skeptical but then he sent me some riffs to which I added lead guitars and we both really liked it. From that point there was no return.

5- The album title is The Nocturnes - First Act: The Hour of Wrath, can you give us details about the content and more in depth meaning to this title?

Our first EP includes four tracks, each of them a bit different. There is a kind of gothic song, an instrumental one (rather gentle) and some heavy bone-crushing songs with melancholic touch and very melodic lead guitars. We have written a rather eclectic 20 minutes EP.

This long EP title includes couple of elements: 

The Nocturnes…” – relates to music of the night because most of Deimoon music was written in nights during the Covid lockdowns. In fact, the best leads were composed during the full moon nights (this explains also partially the name of the band). Chag is French, I am Polish – some 200 years ago a Polish/French genius Frederic Chopin composed some incredible nocturnes. Early in our friendship we realize that we both really adore his music, especially these nocturnes.    

“…First Act..” because we hope there will be a “Second Act

“…The Hour of Wrath…” is the title of one of the tracks. Initially it was not supposed to be a part of the EP title but month before the release Russian hordes invaded Ukraine and the feeling of wrath was so overwhelming that we amended the title.

6- Each member of this project is part of another band, how do you maintain a good balance working together?

Chag is working also for his other project called Roraema where he and his friends create cinematic music rooted in metal. He managed to find a good balance which is kind of challenge, I guess. Me, I am playing in covered bands. So, I have only Deimoon I compose for.  

7- Have you performed any shows in your area? if so, how receptive and supportive are the people to your music?

No, we have not played any gigs yet. So far, we have been receiving very good feedback to our music but let’s be frank we are known to very few out there. These girls and boys are fantastic and give us lots of good energy and joy to go on. Thanks to all our supporters!  

8- Are there any upcoming shows or tours you can tell us about?

Unfortunately, no. It is not easy as we are only 2 people separated by some 700 km. But in the future, we hope we will play live. For the time being we are focusing on composing. Our plan for the next future is to release some single. If we have enough tracks, we would like to release a full LP under the working title “The Nocturnes”. 

9- Thanks for your participation, finally, what is the best way to get a hold of the band, in case someone wants to book or promote the band?

We are present on all the main platforms out there from Bandcamp to FB etc. 

Our webpage:

Our email:

Any final words? 

Thank you for your support.

Stay strong! May the music and good spirits enlighten you path wherever you to!


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