VULNFICUS (Brutal Death Metal) launch early stream of Invocation via Slam World Wide. Invocation EP out Friday via New Standard Elite


VULNIFICUS - Invocation EP Early Full Stream Live Via Slam World Wide.

Invocation EP Out This Friday Via New Standard Elite.
FFO: Defeated Sanity, early-Suffocation, some Immolation influence.

USA-based brutal death metal duo VULNIFICUS is excited to announce the release of their new EP, INVOCATION. INVOCATION is scheduled for release on June 10th via brutal death metal tastemaker label New Standard Elite. 

Although VULNIFICUS is a fairly new project having formed just a year ago in 2021, the project's two members, multi-instrumentalist Wilson Sherels (Epidermolysis among many others) and Eston Browne (Abolishing The Ignominious, ex-Gigan) are seasoned death metal musicians well versed in all things brutal, slam-infested, technical, and disgustingly heavy. The project exists as an internet-based band born of Wilson's razor-sharp riffs and thrilling compositions that were shared with Eston who quickly jumped on board as a full member. Together, the two wasted no time in dropping a well-received 2021 EP, INNOMINATION. Just one year later and the band is back with a lengthier and deadlier affair, INVOCATION. Featuring five dark and unpredictable brutal death metal cuts inspired by bands both old and new delivered in a complex labyrinth-like way. 

Like all things in the underground, hearing is believing. VULNIFICUS is the real deal and once you hear INVOCATION, you'll understand how damn good their music is. All things considered, this is still the beginning, yet their current desire to evolve and churn out quality content bodes well for a project already crafting material at a level that outshines much of the brutal death metal scene. 

VULNIFICUS - INVOCATION will appeal to fans of Defeated Sanity, Cenotaph, early-Suffocation, Immolation, Wormed,  Deeds of Flesh, and Condemned
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