Toxic Waltz - Looking for label support

Thrash metal act Toxic Waltz from Germany seeks label:

Thrash Metal; Germany
Searching for label
Debut full-length 2013 "tba"

In the beginning of 2009, TOXIC WALTZ were founded by lead guitarist Jimi and ex-drummer Tim.
Bass guitar player Rahman, vocalist Angelo and rhythm guitarist Alex joined the band soon to form a THRASH METAL ensemble that is clearly affected by the US BAY AREA style (e.g. EXODUS, HEATHEN, DARK ANGEL), neither leaving out influences from other genres nor lacking recognition value.

TOXIC WALTZ are delivering aggressive, but artistically demanding THRASH, characterized by diversified songwriting.
The band's unique style and live experience, originated with many smaller gigs, earned them bigger venues soon.

TOXIC WALTZ shared the stage with well-known bands like SIX FEET UNDER, ALPHA TIGER and DEBAUCHERY.
In near future the debut full-length record “tba” is ready to be released through a record company.
The band is fully ambitioned to reach the maximum success for them and the label!"



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