Serpent Crown - Serpent Crown

Serpent Crown released June 4 2013 through Horror Pain Gore Death Productions. The band is described as Metal- Sludge, Thrash and hail from San Francisco USA. Members are: Dara Santhai- guitar, vocals. Dave Dinsmore- bass. Mike Jochimsen-drums.

No Beacon of Light, is the first track on the album. "Raw pure metal sound" is my first impression. One of the bands that come to my mind is Nuclear Assault in the style of vocals. Good bass sound, punchy tone. The song builds into a fast thrashy riff that gets my head moving. "Prelude to the Netherworld", great title, this song does not waste any time setting the intensity and kicks into a solo from the first measure, well executed. All the roots of the early days of thrash metal are evident. bands like Vio-lence, Wrath and D.R.I. can be noted as an influence. "To Leave This Land", drums do some interesting fills and rolls at the start of this composition, as well as doing solid footwork on the kicks. memorable and catchy verses - vocals are strong and have their own distinction. "The Trickster", I can easily see many circle pits to this particular song, this track will have you punching things and headbanging. "Doomsayer", reminiscent of Sacred Reich early days. The bass is holding down an excellent tone and brings forth the heaviness. The solos are well thought out and are very fitting for the style involved. "Children Of The Night", is the final track, open chords set a dark eerie atmosphere, like walking through a dark forest. Vocals achieve high octaves here that are captivating and pleasing to my ears. 

Overall I enjoyed the album and its early metal roots are captured perfectly. I recommend for fans of Wrath, Overkill, D.R.I. Anthrax and Sacred Reich. The band has their own vibe to each song and metal fans will find something enjoyable in each composition.



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