Nephren-Ka - The Fall of Omnius

Released through Kaotoxin September 3, 2013. Hailing from Clermont Ferrand, France. Genre -Brutal Death. Nephren-Ka members include: Laurent Chambe (Vocals), Sébastien Briat (Guitars & Backing vocals), Alexandre Phalippon (Bass & Backing vocals), Thibaud Pialoux (Drums).

This is the debut full length from the band. Nine tracks of constant devastation, exhibiting all the traits of pure death metal in all its glory. The first song is Butlerian Djihad, it does not waste any time and gets direct to the brutality. Production is top notch, no surprise since it was mixed and mastered by the legendary Hertz Studio (Vader, Behemoth). "Mastering The Voice", haunting start, open chords demonic vocals. Some of the bands that come to mind are, Decapitated, Nile, Sinister and Gorod. "Legend of Salim" (Part 1 The Seeds of Discord), pure aggression, a take no prisoners feeling, just insane arrangements that come crawling through the speakers like an untamed beast. "The Rise of Omnius", one of the bands that came to mind when I heard this track was Vader. Blast beats with machine gun precision and discorded harmonies will have you banging your head. "Faydakins Storm", start-stop type of rhythms introduces to the next onslaught. Some classic DM arrangements can be heard and old school DM fans are sure to enjoy this track. "The Cymek Revolution", one of the things I enjoy about this particular composition are the use of several style of DM vocals, high, guttural low, mid and pig-squeal. "Legend Of Selim (Pt.2 The Return of The Worm Rid)", complex arrangements and technical style riffing, take notice of the bass player playing some high notes which I enjoy very much. It adds yet another layer of intricate melodies created by this song. "To The Golden Path" is the grand finale'. Feeling a slow destructive mosh coming on. A perfect way to seal all the madness experienced on this album. In conclusion, this new release has added another level of evolution to the band and I think both old generation metal fans as well as the new will find the music to be a brutal and worthy contender to add to their collection.



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