Hollow Haze - Countdown To Revenge

Scarlet Records release September 10 2013. Countdown To Revenge is the latest album by Hollow Haze. The band roots are from Italy. Genre is describe as HardRock/Metal. Label is Bakerteam Records. Members include: Fabio Lione: Vocals, Nick Savio: Guitars, Dave Cestaro: Bass Guitar, Camillo Colleluori: Drums.

Hollow Haze began in 2003 and have four other full length albums since the start of 2006. This new album begins with the intro "Room 212" and leads us into the first song "Watching In Silence", a mood setting like entering into a horror sci-fi film. Once the music starts you can easily tell its a high quality production. Guitars sound amazing and have creative catchy arrangements. "Still Alive", is much more fast paced. The song has power metal influence but stays unique in the way the verses are sung by Fabio Lione. "No Rest For The Angels", this particular song is very epic in the beginning. Solos are engaging and creative. "Life Has No Meaning", I get a sense of early metal style on the opening riff. "We Must Believe", some bands that come to mind are Dream Theater, HammerFall, Iced Earth and Sonata Artica. "The Answer", a bass line that's punchy and has great tone starts this composition. The dual vocals are strong and match perfectly together. The chorus is memorable and stays with me long after the song is over. "A Fading Angel's Life", at almost seven minutes long, we get all the elements that make this band great, from the intense vocals, dynamic drums, melodic guitar riffs and catchy solos. "Countdown To Revenge", title track and close to the grand finale', much heavier in arrangement and monumental opening that could move any audience into pounding their fist in the air from sheer excitement."The Gate To Nowhere", is the final song, a bass line that is both captivating and intriguing to listen to. Overall a solid performance, I recommend it for for fans of Helloween, Iron Maiden, Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot and DragonForce.



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