Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit - Vertilger

Upcoming release September 23 2013 under Temple of Torturous "Vertilger", by Vom Fetisch der Unbeirrtheit. A two member project from Germany. Genre described as experimental black metal.

The opening track is Lachenvieh. Now here we have something that's very different and intriguing which warrants more investigation. I get a sense of chaos wanting to escape some sort of structure. Guitars have very little distortion and are dissonant to an extent. Drums exhibit knowledge of unconventional time signatures and stray away from the standard. The closes comparison which I can hear would be a band that few people may know called, Sleeping Time Gorilla. "Schabenbrut", talk about epic, this track goes for about twenty minutes and has everything from BM, DM, thrash, industrial, ambient and dissonant. Experimental is the name of the game. "Multiformale Leiberdimension", dark malevolent forces weaving a wall of dismal sounds. As far as the content I am not familiar with since its in German. Like an astronaut at the helm of a spaceship giving directions. "Kadavermeer", much of a surprise to my hearing. This composition begins with clean strumming melodic riffs and a good sounding bass before heading into madness, if you were a lunatic suffering from schizophrenia this would be your favorite. 

Prothesensucht, is the final installment in this maniacal experiment. This one last for about seventeen minutes. The beginning is catchy. An off-time beat that somehow manages to embedded itself in mind. Imaging yourself in a carnival ride that was created by several asylum patients. Managing to escape the structure, this beast travels were ever it pleases. The musicians here explore all the boundaries and take the listeners to the very edge and leave them hanging there long enough to loose their minds. Overall, I found myself enjoying each song and wondering what will happen next. It is pleasing to hear such exploration of sounds as an art form which ultimately represents new discoveries. 

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