Sonus Mortis - Demo 2013

Sonus Mortis -A self release demo July 2013 available only through Bandcamp and Soundcloud. A solo project by Kevin Byrne hailing from Dublin, Ireland and described as Atmospheric Black-Death-Doom. 

The first track on the Sonus Mortis Souncloud site is "Harbinger of Doom", solid production value is evident from the first measures. Quality of guitar sound is great, warm yet intense and brutal. Drums are balanced perfectly and every hit is pronounced. Lots of atmosphere with open chords and synth is also apparent. "A Pale Reflection", clean strumming sets the mood, somber and eerie, reminds me of early Novembers Doom or early Neurosis. At times you forget that it is only one composer, so many layers of instrumentation you might thinks its a five piece band. The track is a long journey and takes into different soundscapes of dark ambient roads. At eleven minutes long it never gets boring, rather leads you into one passage to another with intrigue. "In The River Mist", harmonized guitar and clean strumming commence this composition, heavy and in glorious doom rapture like early Paradise Lost. keyboards create catchy and enthralling phrases to accompany the open chords and intense vocals that sometimes are BM in style and switch to DM effortlessly fitting perfectly with the mood being expressed. 

Always impressive to hear what one person can achieve creating all the arrangements to make the songs come together. I recommend this for fans of DM, BM, doom and atmospheric genres. Quality of production is great. Looking forward to the full length album. In the meantime the three tracks are available to listen on Soundcloud and Bandcamp, check them out in the links below. ~Artemortifica




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