Sawthis - Youniverse

Bakerteam Records Release, September 30 2013. Youniverse is the latest album by Sawthis. The band roots from Italy and is described as modern thrash metal. Members include: Alessandro Falà - vox, Adriano Quaranta - guitar, Janos Murri - guitar, Gaetano Ettorre - bass, Michele Melchiorre - drums & vox.

The band began in 2000 and have been devastating with their sound ever since. This latest inception starts of with "The Logical Colors", it waste no time to set the mood of pure intensity. Production wise, it is top notch, balanced sound, clear drums, warm brutal guitar tone and punchy bass. "The Waking Up". is track two. Some of the bands that creep into my cranium are Pissing Razor, early The Haunted, Slipknot early albums, some Hatebreed and slight Fear Factory influence. "The Voice Falls On Me", along with the aggressive style vocalization there are a few phrases that are done in a modern clean form. "The Crowded Room", starts of with an industrial type of element. This track will get your blood pumping and have you running into the mosh pit. "The Indeleble", some creative guitar riffing make this track a memorable one and surely one to spin many times on your stereo. "The Spotlight", got to love the drums, a mix of dynamics creates an interesting ride through out this song, clarity and precise timing. "The Mad", brutal assault full of energy and melody. "The Walking", last song on this journey through the album. Bringing all the aspects from each track and stitching them all together to leave the listener wanting more . A perfect way to seal the trip. Overall a heavy album laced with modern metal elements and is sure to please both the new generation of metal-heads as well as the old.



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