Fyrnask - Eldir Nótt

Upcoming release by Temple of Torturous, September 23 2013,  Fyrnask - Eldir Nótt is a one man project and comes to us from Germany. Genre described as Ritualistic Black Metal.

The Intro opens the experience with a bell chime or tuning fork capturing its resonance perfectly. The atmosphere is deep and engaging, like shadows beckoning to enter a dark fortress in the middle of a forest. Intriguing how sound can invoke such imagery without any narrative, that in it self is a huge plus in my mind."Vigil", thunders in seamlessly, guitars are solid with even tone and vocals are in true BM style. The track explores many passages and takes us from high screaming to silent whispering. "Jarðeldr" light rain in a cold night, fire is burning, embers crackling. A mood of epic adventure, dismal passage. This builds into an onslaught of grinding drums - open chords high screams, a malevolent painted voyage into an abyss, an open bottomless pit of maniacal creation. "Suonnas sedir"
clean strumming finger picking melody with abstract drums."Saltrian", drums sound a bit further in the background on this song. It still manages to create the path of dissonant sounds from the previous expressions. Reminds me of early Mayhem or Bathory. "Samas stígr", consider this is one person creating all this music, its a huge task, not only to write all the instrument parts but also record, mix and master the entire thing. great accomplishment. This particular track is more of a mood setting song with layers of different stringed instruments intertwine to give us a feeling of despair and in rapture of shadows of old spirits. "Síaiða", ten minutes of pure and raw distant drones. "Sút" brings all the elements and combines them to finish our journey through the mind of Fyrnd. Overall an interesting in depth manifestation, achieving and staying true to its description of ritualistic BM.

metal-archives.com/albums Fyrnask
facebook.com Fyrnask
Label Temple-of-Torturous


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