Preludium - 'Impending Hostility'

Preludium hails from Mielec Poland and members are: Jan Skowron - Guitar, Marcin Deszcz - Bass, Lukasz Dziamarski - Guitar/Vocals, Piotr Ungeheuer - Drums. Impending Hostility album released on Transcending Obscurity. "Legacy of Destinations" armies marching through hell is my first impression then building into an aggressive force of massive proportions. "Realm of Void" an assault to the senses from the beginning, good open chord progressions. "Desolation" I hear some Vader influence as well old style DM, impressive solo work on the guitars. "Hostile Area" reminds me of early Morbid Angels Altars of Madness style. "Bitter Cold" I actually listen to this track on Youtube before I was even aware of the album so I am familiar with it. I enjoy the drums, making fast stops and keeping solid double kick work in precise timing, I would have to say this is my favorite track."Blessing of War', brutal and chunky guitar work. a mix of dual vocals give that certain DM feel from the early nineties. "Death Campaign" want to hear some fast and relentless double kicks? than this is the song for you, it can easily be a mosh pit starter at most live situations for them. "Execution" straight to the point no nonsense DM happening here, many memorable passages to be observed on this song. The last track is "Warfare", a clean guitar with added harmonizer paints a dark landscape of sheer brutality building to destructive composition. Previous releases include  'Rape Mankind Disorder' album and 'Abomination' EP. I highly recommend for fans of Vader, Behemoth, Obituary or old Sepultura era. 


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