Spheron - Ecstasy of God

Apostasy Records released on July 5th "Ecstasy of God" by German based technical DM band Spheron. The five masterminds are Daniel Spoor -Vocals, Tobias Alter -Lead Guitar, Mark Walther -Rhythm Guitar, Matthias Minor -Bass and Tobias Blach - Drums. "A Means To An End" is first. great opening piece, it builds a huge epic atmosphere then slows just enough to set you up for the next assault. "The Beheaded Coachman" at first my ears are drawn to the drums, there is a lot happening in terms of dynamics, its mesmerizing. Amidst all the complexity the song goes into clean guitar parts that catch me by surprise and its a good one. "Prestige of the Mortals", lightning fast kicks highlight this track plus some awesome descending guitar licks. "Saturnian Satellites" thinking Nile or Cryptopsy, vocals are intense. "Clasp The Thorns", I played this track numerous times, the beginning sticks in my head. We hear a wide variety of tempos within the song and are battered by some heavy floor tom work towards the middle, this is my favorite track on this album. "Prelude to Misery" enjoying the clean introduction, haunting yet inviting, a horror nightmare unfolding into "Five Degrees", the band most definitely has their own style and at every turn you find a surprise which is hard to hear these days. "Pulse of Instinct', open progression into some slam style riffing. "Tragedy of Clerics", 'pit' get in the pit, that's my first impression, this track gets the blood flowing as if the rest of this album did not blow you away, this track comes in kicking and mutilating everything in its path. "Chocking on Incense", an interesting title for a complex and very technical creation, there is so much going on, a controlled chaos of sorts, well executed. "Anthropogenic", amazing bass line, melodic, fast, captivating and memorable. "From Glint to Crackling", this is the last track from the album, its a bit more mid paced than the rest of the songs which is good, showing how diverse the compositions can be and still remaining technical. What I really enjoyed the most was the middle part, clean tones and great sounding guitar solos paint an amazing soundscape. The album is certainly one of the best I heard in this genre for 2013. It delivers on tech, melodic, death metal, grind and overall just good music for all audiences into metal. 




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