Quest Of Aidance - Misanthropic Propaganda

Released on Pulverised Records July 23 2013. Hailing from Sweden the band consist of Daniel "Daaz" Valström - vocals, Christian Älvestam - guitar and vocals, Christian Lundgren - guitar. "A New Storm Rising" is the first song, an instrumental, my first thoughts are, great production -drums sound clear and solid. "Seething Voids", brutal aggressive devastating. "Deadly Viral Strain", fast furious double kick by the drummer. Almost sci-fi type of synth through the track. "To No Avail", reminds me of At The Gates first album or even early In Flames on some of the guitar compositions. "Section 34", captivating and creative guitar licks start this one off. Some complex arrangements and heavy chunky fills to compliment the entire opus. "Anyx", a short fast devastator. "Dimout", grind and punk style drums as well as some thrash metal elements- we also get to hear some low guttural vox for a few moments. A very interesting song and one of my favorites. "Sothis Allegro"(Instrumental), listen to some incredible guitar arrangements with a flurry of effects. "Spawnlayer", is one hell of a ride. Brutal devastating drums thunder through the entire track, solid work. "Sirian Breed", visions of a quest in outer space, epic sounds, very dramatic effects and evolving theme, very surprising and pleasing to my ears. After about a minute the onslaught begins, aggressive guitar riffs and killer vocals. "Like Shadowing Suns", memorable intro, creative open chord progressions. "The Fifth Column", a complex song with some amazing tempos and arrangements, constantly impressed at how warm yet brutal tones the guitars have in this entire production. "Doom Reactor", turn this one up loud and let the mosh pit begin, an intense and furious attack that exhibits elegance and technicality. Overall a great album. Readers take note this project was founded by Christian Älvestam of UNMOORED / SCAR SYMMETRY and Christian Lundgren from CARNALIZED, so if you are familiar with these bands you might enjoy this album as well.


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