Bakken - Death Of A Hero

Another great album has just thundered through my speakers. Hailing from Northern Ireland. Bakken is a band that is new on the scene having formed in 2011 this is their first release, The album starts with "Darkest day" many sirens going off as we prepare for some battle. Once the song starts I get a good idea on production, well balanced and clear. Guitar sound aggressive and tight. Solid drums and bass. "Mystic Mogul" reminds me a bit of Symphony X or early Dream Theater. "The Cursed" power metal influence on the majority of the tracks. "Sasquatch" interesting title for a song, a variety of rhythms can be experienced from triplets and slow mosh like chops. "Back to the Future" not sure what I was expecting but turns out to be a catchy track after all, kind of reminds me of Hammerforce. "Get Back To Your Feet", enjoy how this begins, clean guitars create a great harmony into some fast driven riffs like old Helloween style. "Fortress of Evil", strong bass leads this one, talented guitar players doing complex riffing. "Voyage of Aodh" the last song and it an impressive one,  saving the best for last and is my favorite track from the album, thinking Megadeth meets Maiden meets Savatage. Overall I recommend this album for Heavy Metal lovers from several genres, you'll find something to like in each song. The album is available on their bandcamp site for those who are interested Bakken Bandcamp


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