Wound - Inhale The Void

FDA Rekotz release July 26 2013. Wound hails from Wiesbaden, Germany and is comprised of four members Schulz, Appel, Schettler, Last. "Odium" is the opening song and sets the mood perfectly for "Codex Arcanum", it comes in true DM style, raw guitar sound, high low mix vocals. I am transported back to the early nineties style of DM like Entombed or Grave, great sound. "Echoes", got to love the way this starts, I hear some triplet ride cymbal action and then it whips us into the pit. "The Unsolved Obscurity", a mosh stomper of a track, instant circle pit envision. The feeling of thrash metal influence is evident on this song. "Forever Denial", some cool open chord progressions with a fast solo to tie it all together."Confess to Filth", walking the fine line between DM and thrash, a great combo in my opinion. Drums are solid and relentless through out."Corroded From Withing", damn, shocked to hear a great bass line kick this one of, reminiscent of old D.R.I., I have to say this is my favorite track, assaulting the senses and playing it over several times, an awesome tune."Among You", I really enjoy the lyrics to this song, the bass player is solid and holds a tight rhythm."The Prince of Tyranny", liking the title, catchy and involved riffs, almost like old Celtic Frost or early Sepultura. "Inhale The Void" is the final song on this album, eerie mood setting clean guitar is a nice touch, slight contrast from all the brutality experienced. Its the type of clean guitar that will stick in your memory for a time to come, well executed and paints a dark dismal path. The band also has a demo Confess to Filth -"Demo of the Month" in Rock Hard Magazine-. A great album with true underground DM roots. A must for all true fans of the DM genre.




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