Averse Concept - Symbol of Loss

A self released album from February 21 2013. Averse Concept is a BM project consisting of two members: Farace (Vox,guitar,bass) and Lujan (drums) residing in Philadelphia US. Symbol of Loss is an EP which starts of with "Grey Skies", really enjoying the way this sounds, clean guitar with a slight effect, creates a darken feeling at sets the atmosphere for "Welcome to the Trance", now we hear the BM influence coming through, guitars are raw in true obscure style. "Resigned Devotion", the opening riffs is great, it really stays in my mind. Vocals are somewhat different on this song as they go from screaming to BM style- which I enjoy. "Desolate Alleviate", haunting intro leading us into a dark void of despair. Drums are doing some solid kicks -although they sound a bit in the background than the other instruments, not a big deal it still kicks ass. "Clouded Recovery", guitar with a heavy effect creates a dismal and eerie feeling. This track is faster paced than the others but still sticks to the raw BM feeling. Overall I enjoyed this EP and would like to hear more from them in the future. Be sure to check them out on FB link I am providing at the bottom. 




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