The Pete Flesh Deathtrip - Mortui Vivos Docent

Released on Pulverised Records July 22 2013. The Pete Flesh Deathtrip is a one man project and recorded with two other session players. Pete Flesh: Vocals/Guitars/Bass, Micke Broberg: Guest session vocals, Andreas Jonsson: Guest session drums. Originating in Sweden. "Fallen Bliss" is the first song, DM/BM is evident from the first riffs, high vocals and crushing type compositions. "The Eternal Dawn", haunting and captivating song, reminds me of early Forest of Impale. "Crave The Fire", brutal entrance, heavy solid guitar, some interesting harmonized riffs blend perfectly together. "The Suicide End", creepy eerie feeling corses through my body when listening to this song, then builds into a chanting ghost like atmosphere. A great song that should be listened to in the dark to get the full spectrum of its tones. "Burning Darkness", raw guitar sound give this track an edgy texture that is sure to get metalheads building devastating mosh pits. "Raven's Reborn", open chord progressions and pure sickening style vocals like the kind use to hearing from Samaels early albums. Pete's previous project include, Deceiver, Thrown & Maze of Torment. "God of The Crawling Whore", great title and possibly my favorite track from this album. "Bleed", like been swallowed into an abyss swirling in perpetual darkness, hymns that enthralled the senses and remain etched in my brain. "Recycle My Death", is the final track, BM madness is heard in every note, well executed. The cover was created by Erik Sahlström (Crucifyre, General Surgery, etc). It captures the ambiance of the music within. Overall an intense ride and I recommend for fans of old school DM/BM.


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