Forlorn Path - Man's Last Portrait

Forlorn Path is a three piece metal band from NJ, USA. Previous releases include their first EP, Being Towards Death and second EP, Intifada. This is their current release Man's Last Portrait. The first track "The Coming Of Winter" sets the mood for an epic journey that is about to unfold. The first thing I notice is the amazing quality of production. The tones and rhythms are crystal clear, superior drum quality. At times sounding like there are more than three musicians with all the sounds taking place. "Empire of Decadence" thunders in in full BM glory then drops back with melody, some different vocal styles are exhibited from high to low and guttural. "Words Only Winds Can Speak" I like the guitar work on this particular song, some imaginative 'hammer on' 'pull off' work. Some of the influences I hear are old Dissection, At The Gates, early Behemoth and Samael. "As Hope Fades" a dismal atmosphere is created, very impressed by the keyboards, imagining a landscape of desolation. "Ghost" captivating and inviting clean guitar begins this one, killer open chord progressions ."Man's Last Portrait" title track, catchy chorus and verses, an epic story taking place. "What Lies Beyond", testing our view of reality through their lyrical content and creating a canvas musical investigation at the same time. "Relics" this brings me to the end of the album, it has been an incredible experience, I will be thinking and replaying this tracks in my head for a time to come, the last song is very intense in true BM/DM style. Its been a pleasure listening to this album and I highly recommend it to both DM and BM fans around the world. 


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