Twisted Wrath - Madman's Chorus

Twisted Wrath are from west Ireland and are comprised of  Patrick Fitzgerald - Vocals/Guitar, Colin Dunne - Lead Guitar, David Mahony - Drums and Niall McGuinness - Bass Guitar. Madman's Chorus EP released in 2/2013. "North Titan" is the first track, heavy thrash and intense are what come to my mind. Vocal style is rooted in thrash metal but does hold a certain unique feel to it. "Madman's Chorus" title track, really enjoying the drums on this song, very precise and solid, also very involved solo work by the guitars towards the end. "To The Sword" brutality abound, this would be an instant mosh pit starter in a live situation. I hear many influences from Overkill, Exodus, early Testament, Nuclear Assault and Slayer. "Smoke" is the last song, metal as fuck- aggressive intense and relentless, the chorus sticks in my mind and all the lyrics are well understood yet stay brutal and forceful. If you are wanting to hear more the band also released an EP, "Hath Fury", in 2010. their music is available on Bandcamp and also Soundcloud, visit them on FB as they are doing many things, catch a live performance near your area.


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