Asylum Pyre video for Virtual Guns

 French Modern Power Metal band ASYLUM PYRE release Official Music Video for "Virtual Guns".  Virtual guns is an emergency. A melodic call for the union of the peoples of the earth to go to war without the wrong target. Vital Metal. Attacking ignorance.

Watch "Virtual Guns" on band's official Youtube channel here:

Band comments:

"It has been really funny to try combining the traditional elements of metal music to tribal aspects in the rhythm and vocals. As well as for the integration of the bagpipes"

A wind of change over the metal sphere. Power, melody, emotions. A perfect mix of modern and traditional metal led by an extraordinary lead vocalist allied with an unbelievable variety in atmospheres.

Asylum Pyre plays each song as if it were the last, as if its life was on trial. A rare intensity and choruses that will all stick to your head.

Add to this a whole pre-apocalyptical universe in which each band member plays a double-game character and you’ve got an intense and unforgettable artistic experience!

In 2023, Asylum Pyre releases its 5th album since 2009 - mastered by Mika Jussila

In 2019, Asylum Pyre releases the Album N°04 that has had Several Charts entries

Asylum Pyre has toured and played in Europe with Luca Turilli’s Rhapsody, Demons & Wizards, Xandria, Stream Of Passion, Myrath, Doro, Poets Of The Fall...

Asylum Pyre has a real musical identity: power; melody, modern loops, mixing traditional and modern styles plus 2 voices: lead female singer (Also singing in The experiment N°Q a side-project of Therion members) and additional male vocals)

Asylum Pyre was founded by its bandleader, Johann Cadot, who has now developed a real concept (story/visual) placed in a pre-apocalyptic world. A Green Manifesto.

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