Hunting Giants NEW video track "Vanguard"

 Vancouver's Hunting Giants are sharing their next video for the track "Vanguard" off their latest album "Mythos" released this past November. ​"Vanguard" is a classic love song with a fantasy-style twist. This fast-paced track comes from the perspective of a soldier on the front lines of a bloody battle as he thinks about the one he loves and how he wishes he could spend one last night with her. During the battle, he realizes that there will be no returning home for him and, in his final moments, holds onto the feeling of being with her so he can rest with her forever. "Vanguard" features our producer, Kirby Kaye, shredding on guitar and crescendos with a key change accented by the soprano-esque wail of a dying man as he keeps his thoughts on the one he loves. The band explains the song in further detail:

"This non-stop rocking love song starts with an intricate bass line, a crunchy guitar riff, and a busy drum line peppered with ghost snare hits. We follow a soldier on the front lines of a battle as he thinks of his love and what he would sacrifice to be with her once more. An incredibly catchy chorus blends back into the verse where his thoughts of his love are ripped away by the reality of the battlefield in which he is. As the captain screams “Hold The Line!”, we get a ripping solo recorded by our producer Kirby Kaye as we flow by into the chorus. In the outro, we are treated to a key change and the soprano-esque wail of a dying man as he keeps his thoughts on the one he loves."

Watch and listen to "Vanguard" at

Hunting Giants' “Mythos” is the new crowning achievement from the band who have put in many years of musical work, writing, and recording while gigging and enduring quarantine as a band during the Covid pandemic. The album's goal is to grab listeners and amaze them with intricate woven stories, energetic riffs, and distinctive vocals. The album is meant to be an adventure, with each track having its own flavour and setting; the songs are worlds unto themselves. All of the music on the release contribute to a listening experience that is much more than the sum of its parts. The material is an addictive encounter that will keep you coming back.

Hunting Giants is recommended for those who enjoy 90s grunge, heavy rock, and prog, especially fans of Alice In Chains, I Mother Earth, Soundgarden, Tool, and Audioslave.

"Mythos" is available on CD and digital at the following links:

CD order -​

Digital -, Apple Music, Spotify.

Previous music videos can be viewed on Hunting Giants' YouTube channel HERE.


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