RockAbul Documentary Film in Full streaming Review

An insightful look at an uncommon band trying to forge their way in what appears to be an impossible place to be accepted.

This documentary takes us along a journey of the band District Unknown from Kabul Afghanistan. Starting a band is already a difficult task to begin with, now imagine trying to do that in a location where even thinking about playing Heavy Metal or Rock music could get you in a lot of trouble.

If that was not enough pressure try being the first and only Metal band in Afghanistan. We get to see a glimpse at the underground music from Kabul. Many times the musicians have to hide their faces and seek protection from the people who absolutely do not want you around playing music that goes against their beliefs.

Initially released February 2018 by Australian journalist Travis Beard. He documented their life from 2009 to 2016. For all involved this was a very dangerous undertaking. The film runs 90 minutes.

We witness the band's humble beginnings to them eventually drawing attention and getting featured in Rolling Stones magazine. The struggle to keep the band together as the US started to withdraw troops from Kabul and other areas made the band face some increased violence on the streets and they had to go in hiding for a bit.

The passion of the young men to do what is both courageous and completely defying the establishment is worth every minute of this documentary. It keeps you intrigued and you get the sense of the perseverance as the band reaches tremendous and impossible goals.  

I’m a musician and this film was an eye opener at how difficult it is to be a performer in other parts of the world. It is also an uplifting and powerful film that will resonate with many of you even if you are not a musician. 

The film is available at several locations. Links are below.

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