Leper Colony - Surgical Endeadvors video

Leper Colony are playing thrashy death metal that should appeal to fans of bands like Death, Slayer, Morgoth, Unleashed, Massacre, etc. The fact that they're mixing it all up and reinterpreting the influences in their own way makes this special, with the vocals of Marc Grewe (ex-Morgoth, Insidious Disease) giving it that much more authenticity. No Clean Singing premiered a stellar track from the album which can be found AT THIS LINK

"Marc Grewe is in fine form, which is to say he sounds like a raving and ravenous lunatic, screaming at the top of his longs and snarling like he’d like nothing better than to have your throat in his teeth. The song is also, unsurprisingly, a riff feast." 


 - “a hook-filled old-school thrashing death metal… it’s goddamn spectacular” - The Metal Wanderlust (US)

- "thrashy, pulsating, old-school death metal" - Invisible Oranges (US)

- "crushing old-school death metal" - Ram Zine (UK)


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