Transcending Obscurity Records 2023 label sampler Featuring art by Mark Riddick

 It's time for the annual Transcending Obscurity label sampler and we're extremely pleased with how this one turned out. It's a good mix of known label bands (Eternal Storm, Feral, Crawl, Warcrab, etc.) and new ones and we'll be revealing more information about their releases shortly. Not all of them will be released this year but you all can definitely look forward to imminent releases from Lurk, Decipher, Vomitheist, Burial Hordes, and where the new sampler bands go, ones from Gateway, Dead and Dripping, Serpent of Old, Thorn, Crawl + Feral (split release), Terra Builder, etc. Phew!

But first things first; please find the new 2023 label sampler which is for free download on the label's Bandcamp AT THIS LINK

Info -

The 2023 label sampler is our boldest one yet for which the order has been kept in an instinctive manner rather than following a strict genre-wise or hierarchical structure. It reflects our inclination towards the more contemporary styles even though most of the bands are unique in their own ways and they all bring something of their own to the compilation. It also happens to be among our shortest one so far and it would've been shorter had several bands not submitted their songs at the last moment just to be a part of this, despite their upcoming releases still being in varying stages of completion. We look forward to a promising year filled with releases from acts both known and obscure and hope to appease fans of various styles from all over the world as always.

All the proceeds from this sampler will go towards the daily feeding and welfare of the 30 adopted stray cats and dogs on Transcending Obscurity premises.

Artwork by Mark Riddick


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