Ancient Reign - Of Moonlights Glare

One man blackened folk metal artist Saggoth. Its always inspiring to hear an album complete from the mind of one individual. A self release EP for 2013 and a full length back in 2011 Into The Nocturnal Bliss this is one busy musician. Intro is captivating and establishes the dark atmosphere. The Arrival, a hellish start, grabs the listeners attention from the first riff. I enjoy how the bass is filling in with some creative passages instead of just following the main riffs. There is a clean break about 3 minutes into this that feature a clean guitar that presents the folk metal aspect of the composition. "Of Moonlights Glare" title track hypnotizing synth paints the landscape, lyrics take me into a dark journey through cold environments. "Through the Forests Eternal" a mix of several instruments make this very interesting to my ears, followed by fast drums which the synth follows with precision. "Winters Reign" is the last track on this EP, reminds me of The Abyss or maybe old Sameal, going to have to say this song is my favorite, I played it several times, there's something epic about. The riffs are well thought out and have awesome hooks. I have to give lot of credit to this musician, at times you might think there are several members involve with th amount of creativity being experience with each song. To learn more and check out the other albums released visit the Ancient Reign FB site
~Frank G.
Physical publication in AEA zine #22


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