Damnations Hammer - Disciples of the Hex

Released on IHATE Records. September 2012. A three piece avant garde metal style band with some catchy riffs and great production. Starting with Defiance & Retribution- as an intro compliments perfectly into the next track Throne of Fire- not the typical style BM vocal but more of its own individual taste which I enjoy. Next up is is the title song Disciples of The Hex- very cool intro transcends into a bad ass metal assault, solid guitars and deep bass. Serpent's Wrath, heavy toms start this track, remind me of old school Venom days, most definitely a headbanging master track for this record. Lyrical content is good and understandable the majority of the time. Impaled on The Horns of Betrayal, much faster than the rest of the album songs, made me take notice right away, builds nice into some aggression that will have most in the mosh pit in a live environment. Hardbingers of Darkness, evil chants spew from every orifices, with the instruments complimenting every note in perfect succession. The Hex ii, a solid guitar riff begins this song and I am thrown into a headbanging moment, probably my favorite track on here, very well executed. Gates to the Necronomicon is the last song, sounds like it was written in the vowels of hell itself, much different than the rest of the album, more on the enchanting side of things with an eerie feel to it, I rather enjoyed it, because it was a surprise to hear as it progress, like a dark path shaping moment to moment then into some creepy sounding guitars building into a killer song that will haunt me for nights to come. I recommend this for fans of school style metal like Venom or Celtic Frost with dark lyrical content.
~Frank G,
Physical publication in AEA zine #22


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