Morbid Insulter - Funeral Mysticism

Originated in Gothenburg, Sweden. A four piece band in existence from 2004-2011. This is a two disc compilation "Funeral Mysticism" released through (IHATE) of all the material ever released. In all its BM brutality and projection. I play the first cd. I am surprised this project ended because there is much talent here just by listening to the first couple of tracks. "Awakening The Spirits Of Evil", Death Fuck Bizarre", Blitzkrieg mayhem", Fornications in Paradise" are all true BM glory. The production varies slightly but still retains its brutality. CD two, Abominations Curse, fast and relentless guitars, blast beats keep the assault fresh and captivating. Thundering Evil, has a hint of old Sepultura Schizophrenia album production and vocals which is a good thing. Take me to Hell, achieves its goal with hellish riffs and aggressive bass punishing all your senses. Black Fate, it is crazy to hear how fast the snare drum is being hit at times almost like a blur. Wrath From Hades, I am enjoying the riff at the start, like something Dimmu might have done in their very first release. Antichrist Blastphemies, has to be my favorite, I feel this song captures all the musicians talents and capabilities, if you were to listen to it in its entirety I recommend maybe going to this track first. Poison of God, creative riffs abound, intense reign of BM blast beats. The last track is raw to the bone "Raped Graves" the most punishing track in the entire compilation, maybe its the pure recording or just its killer arrangement but this track sure leaves me wanting more, unfortunately there will be no more, the band officially disbanded in 2011 so that makes this comp a must own for fans of Morbid Insulter. I highly recommend this for fans of true Swedish BM. 
~Frank G
Publication in AEA zine #22

Morbid Insulter Metal Archives 
Morbid Insulter Spirit of Metal 


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