Mists of Poveglia - Black Death Lazaretto

An ambient project exploring everything there is to know about winter. The composer is Lord Forneus and this album is roughly 46 minutes long without any vocals just pure sounds and compositions to make the listener feel the coldness of winter wrapped its frozen hands around them. So I imaging myself going to this island and freezing to death but not right away, a long treacherous journey encountering every cliff, mountain, iceberg, blizzards and more. This compilation is just part of many others that can be found by searching out the band. Black Death Lazaretto captured my imagination for a while. Plague Pit misery is a mesmerizing experience. You will never See through the Mists OF Poveglia, its true to its name as I feel trapped in the winter isolation with no return. There are several bonus tracks included on this disc in much the same atmosphere of long cold nights of isolation without much hope of survival. Recommended for fans of ambient, doom, or just adventures through winter island paths.
~Frank G.
Publication in AEA zine #22

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