Evoken - Atra Mors

Released in 2012 through Profound Lore Records. Atra Mors is the latest album by Evoken produced between 2010 and 2012. Atra Mors is eight tracks of dark majestic escapes. This band has been around for since 1992 and have done many other albums. The current line up is John Paradiso-guitar/vocals, Chris Molinari-guitar, Dave Wagner-bass, Don Zaros-keyboards,Vince Verkay-drums. This is my first time experiencing their music. The opening track sets the mood, dark and desolate. Descent into Chaotic Dream, enchanting and captivating composition, one has to suspend their mind for a moment to take it all in, the song builds into a great dark melodic ending with an intense guitar solo. "A Tenebrous Vision", early Paradise Lost, End of Green, MDB, and Novembers Doom come to mind. "Grim Eloquence" the lyrics are short but straight to the point and well thought out, I really like that aspect of writing, many bands write long lyrics that are just many sentences describing the same thing, so its good to see content that is short and to the point allowing the music to paint the journey. "An Extrinsic Divide", clean guitar with chorus/flange affect sounds superb, building into an atmosphere of sorrow and intrigue. "Requies Aeterna", particularly short compare to the others, but just as amazing in its ability to stick in your mind as a great track. "The Echoing Dread", using both clean and doom style vocals, the drums do good rolls on the phrase parts complimenting the entire song along with a solid bass line towards the end to make it stand out on this album. "Into Aphotic Devastation", is the last song , overall its a great album for me been a first time listener of this band. The songs are memorable, the production is top notch and it captures the death/doom style in great essence.
Original publication on AEA zine #22



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