Ocean Chief - Sten

Released on IHATE Records. March 2013. Doom/Psychedelia is exactly what you will get from this Swedish outfit comprised of Jocke Pettersson - bass, Tobias Larsson - drums/vocals, Björn Andersson - guitar, Christian Sandberg - guitar, Johan Pettersson - synth. Founded in 2001 and having several EPs and other albums, this on is their latest. Its only four tracks but they are long and involved. The first track Den Sanna Styrkan sets the tempo with some heavy distorted bass and vocals that are in Neurosis style of singing which I like very much. Slipsten droned and sorrow is the feeling I get as I listen, like traveling through the vast open water in the night, a landscape of dark shadows and empty fields. Stenhog, admiring how involved the bass player gets in these compositions which is something I don't hear much from some of the other genres I am used to. Vocals have an effect on this song which really adds to the ambiance of the entire track. Oden, wraps up this incredible journey into parts unknown, expressive sliding style of riffs begins this one, long and creating a feel of deep thought and emotion which can only be felt by listening to the whole song from start and giving it your full attention. If you like doom metal and psychedelic passages with Neurosis influence than this will be something you should check out.
~Frank G
Physical publication in AEA zine #22
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