X-Reviews Compilation Vol. 1

X-reviews is based out of Morelos Centro, Mexico. Compilation Vol.1 released 2010 -Executive producer Mario Gallardo. Track 1 Divine Sword "Patria Guerrera" really good band power symphonic onslaught a long song but very engaging, reminds me of Helloween. Track 2 Black Bible 'Black Winter Moon", traditional BM with very good production, I dig the vocals and drums perform solid kicks from time to time. Track 3 Atryum "The Last Word", melodic and spectacular, love the keyboards/vocals are well complimented. I get a sense of epic war like intensity. Track 4 War Faces "Rios De Sangre" translates to Rivers of Blood, raw and relenting brutality. Very aggressive and will have most people in the mosh pit. Track 5 Mandra "Social Virus", begins much like old school thrash speed metal, very raw production but that's cool because it creates a great ambience for the style. Track   6 Charro Negro "Todos Me Enferman" translates to They all Make me Sick, trumpet kicks this off which caught me by surprise- then builds to some very raw metal with killer vocals. Track 7 Via X "Milenios de Dolor" translates to "Millennium of Pain" total BM atrocity sounds almost like a live performance has been recorded, but drums still come through in good clarity. Track 8 Ablaze "Dark Titan" excellent death metal, very aggressive and brutal- loving the heavy guitars -vocals are deep and heavy as hell, guitars are well produced, chunky solid rhythms.Track 9 Aspergar "Sentry of the Apocalypses" classic sounding BM -enjoy the guitars and vocals remind me of the early years of BM- there are some elements of thrash metal that are evident here. Track 10 External Tumor "Mental Intoxication Torture" probably my favorite track on the whole comp. many good riffs including some clean guitar work make this song stand out above the rest. Track 11 Six Pounder "Marksman" better quality in production value, nice panning of the instruments, solid drums, most definitely headbanging lots to this song- vocals are raw and aggressive. Overall a great comp. many will find something to like.
~Frank G.
~Artemortifica -physical publication in AEA zine #22

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