Psyborn - Time Zero

PsyBorn is a four piece band from Volos Greece. Time Zero is a self released EP from 2011. Recorded at Fabric Studios-George Tzay. The first song "Pain" reminds me a bit of At The Gates, at times also hear some The haunted influence in their guitar riffs. "Insane" is number two, it has an open chord type of chorus that fits the song but I think is a little long at times. "Holocaust" cool drums make a good highlight on this track. "On My Knees/Not Any More" I enjoy the dual vocals in this song, they are done rather well and blend nicely together. "Son of Mayhem" is my favorite from this EP, it has so many different things to it- good catchy riffs, great chorus, hard driving rhythm and memorable lyrics. They describes themselves as Hybrid Death Wave style which is something new to me, however there are metal roots that are evident through out. "Time Zero" is the title track and final tune in my listening experience of this band. Starting with solid assaulting double kicks and fierce guitar lines, its an intense way to incapsulate the entire experience.
This band has a lot to offer and I recommend people to visit them on FB see more on their busy schedule playing live events in their area. 
Frank G.
Physical Publiction in AEA Zine #22 

Psyborn FB


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