Frozen Hell - Rise EP

A five piece band from Traviso/Padova. Finally got a chance to sit and give this EP several listens. the first track is "Incoming Chaos", battle style drums prepare me for the onslaught that's to come. "Useless Memories" my first impression is "damn this sounds really good", guitars are lightning fast and are doing some intense compositions. "Face Me", I enjoy to hear a bass that does more than just follow the rhythm, in this song we hear several complex riffing provided by the bass, which is something I enjoy very much. The band is: Patrick - drums, Ronko - guitars, Michael - guitars, Tech - bass and Tazzo - vocals. Beginning in 2011 you made think these musicians must have together for far longer. The title track "Rise" is very brutal, many catchy hooks and features some solid doubles kicks on the drums, I can imaging this some impacting a mosh pit for live situations for sure. "Interrupted" is probably my favorite song, enjoy the vocals very much, guitars exchange some creative riffs in this track. "Until Daybreak" the first time I listen to this it reminded me of old In Flames or At The Gates, the way guitars trade harmonies is amazing and this is followed by some aggressive drums the have me banging my head each time I listen. Overall I recommend this album for metal fans of all generations both older and new, as you will find something to enjoy from these talented musicians.

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