The Mascaron - Beginnings EP

Conducting this review via the bands Soundcloud site. Mascaron is a five piece band from Latvia and UK. The cover to this album intrigues me, the cosmos an its vastness is always of great interest of mine so I particularly like this aspect and puts me in a metal readiness to experience their music. The first track "Out of Time" trance like intro leads into a solid rhythm and low end guitar with great tone. Vocals are both clean and deep. "Inside The Sun" tech style effect in the start, follow by a nice harmonize guitar layered with some very good vocals, I will be spinning this one for a while. "Serpents", at times remind me of Meshuggah or Fear Factory both which are some of my favorite. Production quality is excellent, all instruments are clear and balanced. "The Night Before", some of the rhythms are new in the way that are found in this generation of metal, which is not bad, its just that I hear this style quite a bit these days. In this particular song about half way in you will hear keyboards and guitar do a sweet exchange followed by clean guitar, I enjoy it very much and is a good break up in the composition, I will have to say this is my favorite track. "A Future Era", the last track, eerie style intro fits great, certainly a song that encompasses the atmosphere the band expressing from the cover, overall I recommend this EP for fans of Meshuggah or Fear Factory with a melodic flavor to their style, musically highly talented and  certainly a band that should stay on everyone's radar the coming years.

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