Stone Demons - The Craft of The Witches

Captivating from the first track, Gothic Cross has a ear pleasing start which I enjoy very much, a twelve string arrangement with perfect clarity. Haxan (The Craft of the Witches) pure metal flowing through this entire composition, raw guitars, strong rhythms and evil vocals. Vampyr, the beginning riffs fit the toll bell chime perfectly, its a great mix, almost reminds me of early Danzig days. Mournful Woman, some very cool bass lines can be heard on this track, guitars could be a bit louder but that's ok.  This a four piece band from Mexico City. Started in 1990 and this is their only release and it is distributed through Under Fire Records. When The Witches Burn, much faster pace than the previous tracks, guitars sound very crunchy and forward on the production which is good. There is also a cool sample intro and towards the end of the track which a fitting due to its content of evil hymns. Call of the Woman is the final track no lyrics provided, I believe this to be a bonus track, for some reason my mind thinks early Misfits influence music wise, vocals are holding down their own patterns but seem to be behind in the production (panned to the left speaker) on this particular track, I will assume it was recorded at some other point in time as it sounds different than the other songs. I enjoyed my exploration of this demo the band has some very good qualities and I recommend for fans of early Danzig or Misfits.
~Frank G.
Original Publication AEA zine #22

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