Potential Threat SF - Civilization Under Threat

To be released June 2013 under old School Records. Starting with a warning siren as an intro fitting for the album cover and name. My first impression is "this is a solid production". "The Threat of things to Come" completely take me back to the origins of metal, like Overkill, D.R.I., old Anthrax, and Exodus. Thrash riffing abound with maximum overload. "Stick To your Guns" like running into a war-zone, I enjoy the guitars the most, as I hear creative exchanges between rhythm and licks well executed. "In For The Kill" this track will be sticking in my head for time to come and content is heavy hitting and meaningful, a combination of catchy chorus and verse with a message to stand against greed and corruption. "Edge of Insanity", classic style of thrash happening here, I like the way the drums are kept imaginative through out. "Beneath The Surface", early Megadeth comes to mind when first listening to it, guitar doing dive bomb on the start is a good touch. Solo in this song is superb. "Behold The End", an amazing sounding twelve strings starts this song, it takes my full attention right away, reminiscent of Testament "The Ballad" but with its own flavor. Its a good break up in the album which shows the band can stay brutal even in a more melodic composition. "Written in Blood" is a song that allows the listener to hear how talented these guitar players are, at about the end mark riffing madness takes palce the will have you wanting much more. "Rise of the Apocalypse" want to hear some creative and solid bass playing than this song is one that you will want to spin, a perfect closer to this epic thrash, old school, metal assault. The band also has several EPs and full releases since 1990 so I encourage you to check those out as well.

Potential Threat MA


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